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EnerQiTM combines the structure of Qigong with the joy of dance. Qigong is an ancient healing exercise system, developed to help prevent and cure disease, and strengthen the digestive, circulatory and skeletal systems. Ballroom dance is an invigorating workout for the mind (memory) and body (physical action).

As a Wudang certified Qigong instructor, Karen created EnerQiTM by fusing together the healing components of Qigong with over thirty years ballroom experience, which included undefeated US Nine Dance champion.

Her unique program increases flexibility, strengthens core muscle groups, improves concentration and creates a sense of peace and balance. Not only that, but it's also a lot of fun!!!

Karen designed EnerQiTM to create Qi (energy), to honor and build your body and mind to foster a longer, healthier, more enriching life. Whether you choose the sexy salsa, cheeky cha cha or the romantic rhumba, you'll be able to waltz your way through this unique program and build your Qi.

Any one, any age and any level is welcome. Call today to schedule a session. You may click the flyer on the left to enlarge and print it.

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